Care Instructions After Ingrown Toenail Removal. Wearing cotton socks and loose shoes for the first week or two after surgery may improve blood circulation to the wound and decrease pressure on the toe. A person can help speed their recovery after ingrown toenail surgery by:

Care Instructions After Ingrown Toenail Removal Hfsatx from

Wash your hands prior to performing any care for your affected toe to prevent the introduction of bacteria into the open wound. It is important to dry the toe after soaking and to use sterile gauze for dressing until the wound is healed. Add salt (epsom or table, ½ teaspoon per quart) 3.

This Helps The Wound Heal.

This may cause your nail edge to grow into the skin. Post op care after ingrown toenail removal. Do not round your nails.

This Depends On The Speed Of Wound Healing.

Home care the day after toenail removal the day after your child’s toenail removal, you need to take off the bandage and soak the toe. When the toenail has broken into the flesh, bacteria can form and occasionally lead to serious fungal infections. Ingrown toe nails from soak the toe with the bandage on if the bandage is still on, on the 3 day, remove it.

Foot Bath Soak Your Feet 2 To 3 Times A Day In The Bath Containing:

This may help decrease pain, help prevent an ingrown nail, and make it more comfortable to walk. If a tourniquet is used, it should be removed as soon as possible. Cut your nails straight across.

Do Not Trim Your Nails Too Short Or Round The Corners Of Your Nails.

After that, soaks can be used. You can use warm water to help soften any material that sticks to the toe. Keep your dressing clean and dry at all times.

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Keep Your Wound Covered Both Day And Night In The First Week.

In the following days, change the dressing once or twice a day or as suggested by your provider. This helps the wound heal. Soak the treated area 3 times a day in warm water and epsom salt (follow package instructions) starting the day after your nail surgery.