Flowflex Covid Test Instructions. With children, the maximum depth of insertion into the nostril may be less than ¾ of an inch, and you may need to have a second person to hold the child’s head while swabbing. This guide tells you how to:

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Wash or sanitize your hands. This guide tells you how to: Take a swab sample from yourself.

The Instructions Again And Repeat The Test With A New Cassette.

For 25 test quantity kit box the tube holder is provided. Do not read your result after 30 minutes. Place the test cassette on a flat and clean surface.

The Test You Have Might Be Different To One You've Done Before So It's Important To Read The Instructions Carefully Before You Do The Test.

Test procedure positive invalid self collection adult caregiver safely dispose of your test kit once your test is complete, put all of the used test kit contents in the waste bag provided. Gently insert the entire absorbent tip of the swab head into 1 nostril (½ to ¾ of an inch). Take a swab sample from yourself.

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Prepare Your Test Area And Check Your Kit Contents Page 9 2.

Open the swab packaging at stick end. Put in your general household waste. Consumers in possession of the unauthorized test are encouraged by the fda to dispose of the product and if already used to detect a.

This Guide Tells You How To:

Place the test cassette on a flat and clean surface. Make sure they are dry before starting the test. Materials provided quantity (pcs) materials required but not provided

An Instruction Video Is Located At Flowflexcovid.com

Report your result page 24 Read your result page 22 6. Take your swab sample page 15 doing a test on someone else page 17 4.