How To Light Pilot On Gas Fireplace With Remote. It is done by moving the knob until it is in the position of pilot. Always remove your fireplace glass prior to lighting your pilot.

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Always remove your fireplace glass prior to lighting your pilot. Push the igniter button once every second until it lights. If there is no button present, then it will be necessary to light the pilot manually.

If Power Is Actively Supplied To Your Fireplace, Simply Turn The On/Off.

Here’s how to light a gas fireplace with a control panel. If you keep the fireplace switch in the on position, the receiver will stay on until you slide it to the remote or off position. How do i turn on my gas fireplace?

Mendota Gas Fireplace Won’t Stay Lit.

How to operate the gas fireplace remote control. Months of unnecessary pilot consumption per year. Once this is done, you will now be able to easily switch your gas fireplace on or off using either a remote control device or a switch on the wall.

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Continue pressing to turn the dial for thirty minutes. How to light pilot light on kozy heat fireplace. If you do this correctly, the pilot light should start as soon as the flame is close enough.

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Push In The Pilot Knob, Which Manually Sends Gas Into The System.

If your pilot light does not ignite, wait a few seconds and try again. You will find three modes: Turn the control knob to the on position:

Push In Knob (This Releases The Gas To The Pilot Area Only).

Using the valor wall switch press the down button. How do you light the pilot on a valor fireplace? Using the remote, hold the small flame button until the flame goes out.