How To Stop Sharing Location Without Them Knowing On Find My Friends. Choose the person you want to stop sharing your location with. All you have to do is go on the “people” option and select the people from the list followed by selecting “stop.


Once you are on the privacy settings, you should go to the block that says ( location services ). 1.stop without them knowing (the fastest way) 2.use another ios device. Turn off the share my location option on your ios device.

1.Stop Without Them Knowing (The Fastest Way) 2.Use Another Ios Device.

How can one stop sharing location with one person without them knowing ? Go to the “people” section. You also have an option to remove the individual members who are on the “share my location” app list to have the access to your location.

3 Tap The Blue Circle With An I.

This even helps to search for the missing devices. Select the “me” icon located at the bottom of the corner. Launch the settings app & then scroll down the list.

Turn Off Allow Friend Requests Open The Find My App.

Learn how you can turn off find my friends / location sharing without anyone knowing on your iphone. About my find them knowing friends without sharing to on location stop how One can stop sharing location on find my app which is available in ios.

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Do Whatever You Wish To Do In Your “New” Location.

Tap on the person with whom you wish to stop sharing your location. Choose the person you want to stop sharing your location with. Stop sharing your location with a particular person 1.

Location Not Available Appears Below Your Name In Find My Friends On The Devices Of People Following You, As If Your Device Is Turned Off, In Airplane Mode, Or Just.

Open up your iphone and select the “find my” app. As previously mentioned, it is practically possible to turn off one’s location without the person you restrict from seeing it noticing. To unbale people from seeing your location, you can disable the location sharing option on find my app.