What Does The Lock Symbol In Iphone Mean. To the far left you should see a circle with an arrow, and have the lock in the center. A menu appears at the bottom displaying your running applications and playback control options.

What does this icon mean on my status bar (screenshot from androidforums.com

Rotation lock allows your iphone to be locked or frozen in portrait mode. Headphones iphone icon your iphone is paired or connected to a wireless headset or headphones of some sort. Scroll to the left of the menu until a gray lock icon appears.

Press The Home Button Quickly Twice, Then Swipe Your Finger To The Right Until You See The Ipod Controls.

If you bring up, or down depending on your iphone model, you will see the orientation lock symbol there. There are methods to remove the lock from your device and. The battery level of your paired bluetooth device.

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When you see the lock symbol on that page, you see that the website owner cares about security even though that page technically doesn’t need to be secure. Unlock screen rotation afterwards to get your iphone working normally. Rotation lock allows your iphone to be locked or frozen in portrait mode.

A Padlock With A Circular Arrow Around It In The Status Bar At The Top The Screen Means That The Phone Is Locked In Portrait Mode And Will Not Rotate To Landscape Mode.

The exact method of removing the lock icon from your iphone’s lock screen will depend on which iphone model you have. Your iphone is locked with a passcode or touch id. That padlock icon indicates that the device is locked.

Encrypted), And No Padlock Means That The Connection Is.

Now you can navigate the safari app with the options these icons provide. This is the screen lock icon. Top free images & vectors for what does the lock symbol on iphone screen mean in png, vector, file, black and white, logo, clipart, cartoon and transparent

On Prior Versions Of Iphone With Ios Software The Status Icons Are More Or Less The Same But Contain Colors And Are Just A Bit.

This icon shows the battery level of your iphone. The lock symbol on an iphone 5 means lock rotation, which means that the display of the iphone cannot change from horizontal to vertical, or vice versa. If this icon is yellow, low power mode is on.